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Words of people, from here and there

kotoba to ningen, achi-kochi kara


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grille.gif (47 octets)The diversity of languages, technics, customs, religions, everyday ways of life forms a mosa´c of cultures. Consciously or unconsciously every one of them displays its singularity and pictures out those of others through cultural representations.
grille.gif (47 octets)Cultures are alive.They meet, change and influence one another.
grille.gif (47 octets)This mosa´c is a universal richness, in which each human being can find part of his identity.

How to get to us ?

Address : Association Geza Roheim
grille.gif (47 octets)33540 Saint Sulpice de Pommiers
grille.gif (47 octets)France

e-mail :

Phone / Fax : (00 33) + 05 56 71 67 65

And You ?

Some questions

Who was Geza Roheim ?

An ethnologist and a psychoanalyst, he was born in 1891 in Budapest. He died in 1953 in New-York leaving a work in between psychisme and culture.

What is an intercultural mediation ?

Migration difficulties are generally linked to the meeting of cultural representations with those of the welcoming country concerning situations such as pregnancy, birth, education, illness, the place of men and women, marriage, funerals etc. Intercultural mediation consists in giving people the opportunity to talk about these events in their native tongue, about how  they have experienced them, at home originally, here or in other cultures as well.

Our work is based on ethnopsychoanalysis but the terminoloy of anthropological disciplines in North America and Continental Europe is different. Ethnopsychoanalysis in our acception is "between" psychoanalytic anthropology and transcultural psychiatry. See the books of Georges Devereux.

Please contact us    for any further information. Let people know about us, volunteer work needs support. (Non-profit). Thank you.
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Awarded the Healthcare Grand Price of the European Nursing exhibition
 First Psychiatry Price (DIMP) in 1995